The BBC transform PAL decoder edit / delete

The patent linked here has a more detailed technical description of the approach.

to fft pal tv video ... on 17 July 2019

The DV, DVCAM, & DVCPRO Formats -- tech details, FAQ, and links. edit / delete

A comprehensive FAQ on DV and related formats.

to dv retrotech tape tv vcr video ... on 11 July 2018

The Strowger Appreciation Site edit / delete

A collector who owns several telephone exchanges, among other things. He's recently restored the Glen Prosen 1950s exchange, which had apparently been sitting in a hut at the top of the glen until 2009 or so...

to aerial clock electronics retrotech telephone tv ... on 26 June 2018

Ex Astris Scientia - Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Site edit / delete

Terrifyingly complex Star Trek episode and continuity guide. The bits about what got changed (or recreated) in the remastered versions of the TNG episodes are pretty interesting.

to remaster sf star-trek tv ... on 12 September 2017

Home | edit / delete

"This Forum is for the discussion of, and research in to the gaps in the British Television & Radio archives."

to broadcast history missing radio tv uk ... on 26 February 2017

The Lost Media Wiki edit / delete

"This wiki is a community passion project where we detail and attempt to track down (at least, in most cases) pieces of lost or hard to find media; whether it be video, audio or otherwise (of either a fictional or non-fictional nature), if it's completely lost or simply inaccessible to the general public, it belongs here." More of the "obscure episode of this 1980s cartoon" genre.

to broadcast games history lost media retrocomputing software tv ... on 31 December 2016

Satellite News - The official Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan site edit / delete

Via, the MST3K fan site with the good episode listing.

to amusements mst3k tv ... on 27 August 2016

Dirty Feed – ‘The Quatermass Experiment’ Experiment edit / delete

Remember the live version of Quatermass? Turns out the BBC edited it quite a bit when they put out the DVD...

to bbc production quatermass sf tv ... on 31 December 2015

BVWS - British Vintage Wireless Society edit / delete

Now with scans of all the 405 Alive and (earlier) BVWS Bulletin issues.

to 405 bvws history magazine radio retrotech tv ... on 25 October 2015

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