The IX Multilevel-Secure UNIX System edit / delete

"A collection of papers about the IX system, a simple but comprehensive multilevel-secure operating system with mandatory access control, based on the research v10 UNIX system."

to access-control mac os security unix ... on 22 March 2015

LSX Unix Restoration page edit / delete

"For a very long time, the smallest Unix system for the PDP-11 compatible machines - LSX, adapted from Unix V6 by Dr. Heinz Lycklama - was feared lost because it was never officially released outside of Bell Labs and nobody bothered to keep it for posterity." Now they have.

to history lsx os pdp11 retrocomputing unix ... on 05 March 2015

FreeMiNT - SpareMiNT Wiki edit / delete

"FreeMiNT is a free, open-source operating system for 16/32bit Atari computers and clones, based on the original MiNT by Eric Smith and officially adopted by Atari Corp. It is compatible with TOS, but adds a lot of new functionality not available in any other TOS-compatible operating system."

to atari mint os retrocomputing software tos unix ... on 20 January 2015

Michigan Terminal System Archive edit / delete

"This is a Web site to collect, save, and share information about the Michigan Terminal System (MTS), the computer time-sharing operating system, and the organizations and people that developed and ran it." As used at Newcastle and Cylon-occupied Caprica^W^WSimon Fraser University. With lots of documentation and disk images for Hercules.

to emulation ibm mts os retrocomputing timesharing ... on 18 January 2015

EtchedPixels/FUZIX edit / delete

Alan Cox's extended version of UZI, a SysV-ish Unix for 8-bit microprocessors. (I'm trying to persuade myself that it doesn't need a BBC Micro port...)

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The history of Android | Ars Technica edit / delete

Screenshots from all the different versions of Android.

to android mobile os retrocomputing ... on 11 July 2014

Xv6, a simple Unix-like teaching operating system edit / delete

The teaching OS for MIT's operating systems course -- which is taught by Russ Cox, Frans Kaashoek and Robert Morris, so it's probably safe to say that the authors know what they're talking about! This is a cleaned-up Unix v6 -- contrast with v7x86, which is a modernised Unix v7.

to os software teaching unix xv6 ... on 27 April 2014

GeekDot - Helios Next Generation edit / delete

Helios -- the roughly-Unixish microserver-based OS for transputers -- is now free software.

to concurrency helios os retrocomputing software transputer ... on 26 March 2014

Computer Laboratory: Baking Pi - Operating Systems Development edit / delete

Bare-metal programming on the Raspberry Pi board. This is what we'd need to get RMoX running -- probably a worthwhile experiment at some point...

to arm embedded os raspberry-pi teaching ... on 13 September 2012

BSS edit / delete

The somewhat RMoX-like OS that we saw at PLOS. Neat stuff.

to os research rmox software ... on 16 October 2009

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