JamesM's kernel development tutorials edit / delete

A simple IA32 kernel, with fork() and multitasking. The code quality leaves quite a bit to be desired, but it covers a lot very quickly.

to os research software ... on 03 January 2009

Transputers, Helios, and more fun edit / delete

Mostly about the Atari Abaq Transputer-based workstation and HeliOS.

to os research retrocomputing transputer ... on 26 September 2007

The Edinburgh Computer History Project edit / delete

Notable for the stuff on EMAS with some papers. I particularly like the "CHERISH" command.

to kent os research retrocomputing ... on 31 July 2006

Pliant - release 96 edit / delete

The bizarre but quite interesting Pliant language and system.

to language os programming research ... on 31 July 2006

LWN: The 2006 Linux File Systems Workshop edit / delete

Some interesting stuff about where Linux filesystem designs may be going in the next few years.

to filesystems linux os research ... on 17 July 2006

EuroSys2006 edit / delete

The systems conference Fred went to; some Singularity-related stuff.

to drivers os papers research systems ... on 30 April 2006

Main Page - InitNG edit / delete

A fairly nifty-looking sysvinit replacement. Handles dependencies and respawning processes, and has a sensible syntax for its config files.

to os software startup ... on 04 February 2006

ext2-doc edit / delete

A handy reference to the ext2 filesystem format.

to ext2 filesystem os research ... on 01 January 2006

Singularity Revisited edit / delete

Video about Singularity.

to os research ... on 03 December 2005

Welcome to Bluebottle edit / delete

An operating system based on Active Oberon (and thus Active Objects).

to active-objects concurrency oberon os research ... on 28 November 2005

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