Old BBC Radio Broadcasting Equipment and Memories - Home Page edit / delete

Impressively comprehensive site about BBC facilities up to the 1980s -- including a detailed tour of Broadcasting House as originally built.

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Ian Bell's BBC Elite Page edit / delete

Source code for the BBC version of Elite.

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Documentation on Acorn Computers edit / delete

Lots of Acorn technical documentation -- I found some useful stuff about ADFS here.

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Elite: Claims about numbers sold etc. (very poorly researched Guardian article from very poorly researched material by Francis Spufford) edit / delete

Criticism of the oft-repeated rubbish about Elite selling more copies than there were BBC Micros.

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Exile disassembly edit / delete

The classic BBC Micro game.

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Delia Derbyshire Audiological Chronology edit / delete

The site the Wiki is being built from; this also gives a quick overview of her recorded works. I was pleased to discover that I've actually got some I wasn't aware of on BBC effects tapes that came from Sevenoaks Library...

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WikiDelia edit / delete

Spectacularly comprehensive Wiki about Delia Derbyshire -- e.g. a catalogue of all her papers and works. Fascinating stuff.

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regregex.bbcmicro.net edit / delete

Various BBC Micro stuff -- including a neat package of tools for working with UUencoded files, and doing things like sending a UUencoded disk image over the serial link. Also Opus DDOS patches.

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Bedstead – MODE 7 for the 21st century edit / delete

A nice vector version of the BBC Micro's Teletext font. The code to produce it is pretty neat -- it interpolates from a bitmap font, so you could try throwing other things at it...

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CHR$ Assembler edit / delete

Assembler (for the BBC Micro, nonetheless) with a Common Lisp-ish LOOP construct.

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