Elite for EMACS edit / delete


to amusements elite emacs games ... on 28 August 2016

jmtd → games → frontier edit / delete

Some links to Frontier and Frontier: First Encounters resources.

to elite frontier games retrocomputing ... on 22 March 2015

GLFrontier edit / delete

A reverse-engineered version of Frontier with an OpenGL display. (!)

to elite frontier games reverse-engineering software ... on 22 March 2015

Ian Bell's BBC Elite Page edit / delete

Source code for the BBC version of Elite.

to acorn bbc elite games source ... on 20 September 2014

Elite: Claims about numbers sold etc. (very poorly researched Guardian article from very poorly researched material by Francis Spufford) edit / delete

Criticism of the oft-repeated rubbish about Elite selling more copies than there were BBC Micros.

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What is Pioneer? | Pioneer edit / delete

Another open source Elite-alike.

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The Bird Sanctuary - Home edit / delete

Firebird, Rainbird, etc.

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