The Strowger Appreciation Site edit / delete

A collector who owns several telephone exchanges, among other things. He's recently restored the Glen Prosen 1950s exchange, which had apparently been sitting in a hut at the top of the glen until 2009 or so...

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Dial-A-Joke Telephone Entertainment Phone Recordings Jokeline Page edit / delete

Some of these feature in Evan Doorbell's recordings.

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History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy edit / delete

"History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network."

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TCI Library - Home edit / delete

The library here is good, if a bit hard to navigate.

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A History of Engineering and Science in the Bell System Switching Technology (1925-1975) edit / delete

Extensive history of automatic exchanges in the Bell System. Lots of other US telecoms history documentation here too.

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Strowger Net edit / delete

British telecoms history -- e.g. how area codes relate to placenames, and the early history of automatic exchanges.

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The Light Straw Domain edit / delete

Assorted kinds of retrotech.

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Andy Emmerson's site -- telephone and telecomms history, particularly for the UK.

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Experimental AMPS Micro Base Station edit / delete

One of those mind-boggling projects. I assume it'd be relatively easy to implement on an SDR rig given the information he's managed to reverse-engineer...

to amps electronics radio telephone ... on 02 April 2011

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