Commodore Software Protection Library : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive edit / delete

Various scanned documents relating to Commodore (mostly C64) copy-protection.

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Back to the Roots - Amiga Culture Directory Project edit / delete

Various freely-redistributable Amiga software -- e.g. the Fish disks and similar collections. This is handy for retrieving older versions of stuff on Aminet...

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Welcome to Simon N Goodwin's home page,, September 2012 remix edit / delete

Simon N. Goodwin, who wrote for many of the 80s/90s magazines I used to read. His articles and software (and 4-track music!).

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Amiga group Action's Brief News! edit / delete

In 1995, they would have been a cracking group; these days they produce WHDLoad patches for games. Lots of interesting technical detail about how to reverse-engineer game bootloaders.

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Amiga » Codetapper's Amiga Retro Site! edit / delete

Various stuff, but the most interesting bits are the interviews with some of the programmers and designers -- including one with Rob Northen of wacky disk format fame.

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Magazine | Commodore Is Awesome edit / delete

Scans of many Amiga magazines, in remarkably high quality -- 100MB+ per issue...

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Protext by Arnor 1985-1996 edit / delete

Freely available for a variety of platforms.

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Dieters kleine AMIGA-Programme edit / delete

Home of the famous MCP commodity for the Amiga. I've not upgraded mine since, erm, 1995 or so...

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