GENSHEET homepage British railway information and photographs edit / delete

Includes some more visualisations of the routing guide, although the original is actually pretty good to start with.

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ATOC - Routeing Guide edit / delete

The book that tells you what "ANY PERMITTED" means on a National Rail ticket. It's remarkably complicated, and produces some interesting results (e.g. it claims I'd be able to travel from Dundee to London via Aberdeen, although I suspect I'd get some odd looks if I actually tried that).

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Railways stuff edit / delete

Lots of London Underground stuff.

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Welcome to my testing site edit / delete

A railway engineer writes about how rail technology is tested in the UK.

to engineering rail transport ... on 31 July 2011 ยป Railways of Scotland edit / delete

Lots of information.

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Home - RGS Online edit / delete

Railway standards. Neat -- lots of interesting technical stuff.

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Rail Accident Investigation: Home edit / delete

The signalling ones are often technology-related.

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Environmental assessment of passenger transportation should include infrastructure and supply chains edit / delete

Why railways aren't as environmentally-friendly as they look -- although this is looking at the US.

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The Douglas Self Site edit / delete

I keep running across this site -- most recently when looking for technical details about the wrong kind of snow... and there's an excellent section on unusual locomotives here.

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