MIT Radiation Lab series edit / delete

Scanned versions of the books that the MIT Rad Lab produced after the end of WW2 about their work on radar (as referenced in documents on the Manchester Baby computer).

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U-boat Archive edit / delete

Can't remember how I got here, but the US reports on captured U-boats are quite interesting. (They thought the hulls were neat but the plumbing wasn't very good.)

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Collecting, Restoring and Using Vintage Radio edit / delete

Good collection of WW2 radios -- from all over the world.

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MI6 edit / delete

The Voluntary Interceptors.

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LA8AK, Radio Communication Ressource Page edit / delete

An enormous amount of radio-related stuff (with a slight lack of structure, although I'd probably have difficulty classifying a lot of this too!).

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Howeth: Table of Contents (1963) edit / delete

History of US Navy communications.

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Greg Goebel / In The Public Domain edit / delete

Various history-of-technology stuff. The guide to WW2 radar and navigation technology is particularly good.

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Building the front end of an Avro Lancaster Bomber of WWII fame. edit / delete

... with a full electronics and control setup. Very neat!

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