Talking Reeds | Accordion repair and tuning edit / delete

More detailed instructions. Some of this is terrifying.

to accordion instruments music repair ... on 30 July 2012

Ike's Accordion Repair and Tuning Home Page with Free Advice edit / delete

Good descriptions of how to do basic stuff from a luthier. (Or whatever an accordion-servicer is called...)

to accordion instruments music repair ... on 30 July 2012

DK LABORATORIES edit / delete

Another Art of Electronics fan, I see... The robot arm converted to a giant 3D printer is fun.

to electronics repair robot ... on 28 July 2012

Kennys Music - Gibson Epiphone Larrivee Martin Freshman Guitars edit / delete

Their service department is good, apparently.

to dundee music repair shopping ... on 27 March 2011

Main Page - TekWiki edit / delete

Sadly short on 5000-series information, but some good general advice.

to electronics oscilloscope repair retrotech tektronix test-equipment ... on 15 May 2010

Home page edit / delete

SCSI devices implemented using AVRs, among other fun things. (Repairing a DAT car stereo!)

to avr electronics microcontroller repair scsi ... on 17 March 2010

EB5AGV Vintage Amateur Radio and Test Equipment Site edit / delete

Fixing (often quite complex) communications radios and testgear.

to electronics radio repair test-equipment ... on 20 February 2010

Radio Museum edit / delete

Old radios, from an ex-Plessey electronics who now does freelance electronics servicing. Lots of interesting stuff here.

to electronics ham r1155 radio repair retrotech ... on 29 July 2009

Monitor repair forum edit / delete

The fault with the 17" LCD.

to dell electronics monitor repair ... on 20 February 2008

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