MMA Home Page edit / delete

Auto-accompaniment tool for Linux audio. Worth fiddling with.

to audio midi software ... on 15 October 2008

ztracker edit / delete

Open source MIDI tracker for Windows -- but based on SDL, so it might be worth looking into porting it.

to midi music software ... on 17 April 2007

Yo Tomita's personal web space edit / delete

Some interesting information about Bach's WTC II (and decent MIDI files of it).

to bach keyboard midi music ... on 08 February 2007

eDrum edit / delete

PIC-based drum controller. Has the same sort of input circuitry I'm thinking of using.

to audio electronics microcontroller midi pic ... on 17 December 2006

todbot blog ยป Spooky Projects - Introduction to Microcontrollers with Aurdino edit / delete

Doing piezo sensors and MIDI output with an Arduino. I'd like to build a MIDI drum controller like this...

to arduino embedded midi music ... on 31 October 2006

Gameboy Advance development page by Avelino Herrera Morales edit / delete

MIDI output from the GBA's serial port. Pretty neat.

to electronics gba midi programming ... on 23 May 2006

Freewheeling edit / delete

A live looping sampler designed for improvisational composition. Very neat indeed -- I need to cannibalise a USB keyboard to drive it with...

to midi music software ... on 28 January 2006

KVR : Roland D110 factory presets edit / delete

to d110 midi ... on 08 September 2005

[PlanetCCRMA] Sysex utility? edit / delete

Sending sysex using ALSA.

to alsa midi synth ... on 08 September 2005

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