Novena Main Page - Studio Kousagi Wiki edit / delete

Bunnie Huang's DIY laptop motherboard. Neat!

to arm bunnie-huang electronics embedded laptop ... on 14 December 2013

Official Dolphin Emulator Website - Dolphin Emulator and OpenGL drivers - Hall of Fame/Shame edit / delete

The authors of the Dolphin emulator comment on the quality of various GL implementations. Embedded ones don't come off very well.

to arm embedded gl gpu graphics opengl software ... on 30 September 2013

AllwinnerTech FAQ edit / delete

I didn't realise Allwinner had their own wiki! This is mostly about building their own Android images, but there's definitely some useful stuff here (and it would probably be more useful if I could read Chinese).

to a10 allwinner android arm embedded sunxi ... on 13 September 2013

Raspberry Pi car computer | Flamelily I.T edit / delete

Suggests a source of relatively cheap small monitors on eBay -- although not dramatically cheaper than, say, an A10-based tablet...

to car embedded monitor raspberry-pi video ... on 13 August 2013

sunxi-fedora-scripts TODO edit / delete

Some useful suggestions for interesting things to do with a sunxi machine.

to a10 embedded sunxi ... on 30 July 2013

Siarhei Siamashka edit / delete

Allwinner A10 graphics optimisation. Some interesting details about how it actually works underneath, and tuning memory access...

to a10 arm embedded graphics optimisation sunxi video ... on 25 July 2013 - BeagleBone Black edit / delete

This looks like it might have a reasonable Ethernet controller, although I'd need convincing about long-term kernel security support.

to arm beagleboard embedded shopping ... on 24 April 2013

Elgens Repairs: Extending the usage of a cheap Top2005+ programmer edit / delete

Custom firmware for an FPGA-based EPROM programmer.

to electronics embedded eprom fpga reverse-engineering ... on 09 April 2013

USBtiny edit / delete

Low-speed USB implementation for AVRs; under the GPL, including a lirc driver.

to avr embedded microcontroller usb ... on 01 March 2013

Ciseco edit / delete

An assortment of radio boards for use with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and the like. They're based on the CC110x chips so they're pretty flexible (e.g. they do one with a built-in USB controller, and an Arduino clone that uses that to do the USB serial port).

to arduino embedded microcontroller radio raspberry-pi ... on 28 February 2013

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