A Lazy Developer Approach: Building a JVM with Third Party Software edit / delete

Translating JVM bytecode into LLVM. We'd like to do this with occam.

to llvm research vm ... on 13 September 2008

The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project edit / delete

Proceedings of the LLVM developers' meeting. Worth looking at.

to compiler jit llvm research vm ... on 16 August 2008

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic edit / delete

Extremely handy guide to how floating-point arithmetic works. Well worth reading if you're implementing FP stuff.

to compiler fp maths research vm ... on 12 June 2007

Transputer Emulator edit / delete

Another portable T414 implementation. Looks very clean, and quite similar to the Transterpreter. (It uses switch for dispatch, and inlines all the instructions by hand.)

to emulation occam research transputer vm ... on 07 March 2007

PyPy[index] edit / delete

Python, implemented in Python.

to compiler python research vm ... on 01 February 2006

ElectricalFire edit / delete

The Mozilla project's JITting JVM.

to java jit research vm ... on 15 October 2005

[virtmach] parrot VM? edit / delete

Discussion on stack-based versus register-based VMs.

to research vm ... on 26 September 2005

NanoVM - Java for the AVR edit / delete

A Java VM for machines with very little memory. Might be worth looking at for future occam VMs.

to research vm ... on 24 September 2005

OSCON: === edit / delete

Slides on Pirate, the Python-in-Parrot implementation. I don't think it's so much that Guido is a genius as that Larry is completely insane, and Parrot's very obviously designed for Perl...

to compiler python research software vm ... on 05 August 2005

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