Cheap Tickets Map edit / delete

Visualise rail ticket prices to different places on an OSM map.

to maps openstreetmap trains ... on 01 March 2011

Rail Accident Investigation: Home edit / delete

The signalling ones are often technology-related.

to accidents rail trains ... on 06 January 2011

NTSB - Publications edit / delete

The NTSB's rail accidents page. Not as well-written as the British equivalent...

to accidents history trains ... on 14 March 2009

The Railways Archive edit / delete

Historical British railway documents. (Wikipedia's "List of rail accidents in the United Kingdom" article is probably a better index than this site provides by itself, though.)`

to amusements history retrotech trains ... on 04 February 2009

The Tube Prune London Underground Metro (Subway) Home Page edit / delete

Lots of random London Underground stuff.

to trains ... on 16 January 2008

David Pitts' Home Page edit / delete

IBM 7090/TI 990 retrocomputing stuff, and also restoring an old Pullman carriage. (Gotta love the Internet.)

to retrocomputing trains ... on 05 March 2007

ANIMATO edit / delete

Animation, film history, and steam train building.

to animation film retrotech trains ... on 15 March 2006

Richard's LU rolling stock page edit / delete

Useful to make sense of the previous page.

to trains ... on 16 May 2005

Clive's UndergrounD Line Guides edit / delete

A vastly comprehensive historical guide to the London Underground.

to amusements trains ... on 16 May 2005

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