Synchronous RTS Engines 2: Sync Harder edit / delete

A bit more detail, including desync recovery.

to ag0907 desync games multiplayer networking recovery synchronisation ... on 26 August 2014

SnapRAID edit / delete

Userspace RAID -- it works like par does, by creating parity sets of existing files. This means that not only can you recover from disk failure, you can also recover deleted files (provided you've still got enough parity data to retrieve them).

to backup raid recovery software to-package ... on 17 January 2014

masonmark/Dash-Board-for-Newton-OS edit / delete

"This is the (very belated and procrastinated) open source release of Dash Board for Newton OS." Complete with story about recovering the source from a MacOS version of CVS and getting it to build in emulation...

to archive cvs macos newton recovery retrocomputing source ... on 15 December 2013

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