Snapshot-based Backup with Encryption - edit / delete

Using the little-known NILFS2 filesystem for snapshot-based backups on Linux. I've been considering doing something similar to replace rdiff-backup, and I don't trust btrfs yet, so NILFS2 seems worth a look.

to backup filesystem linux nilfs2 snapshot ... on 03 October 2014

SnapRAID edit / delete

Userspace RAID -- it works like par does, by creating parity sets of existing files. This means that not only can you recover from disk failure, you can also recover deleted files (provided you've still got enough parity data to retrieve them).

to backup raid recovery software to-package ... on 17 January 2014

ddar: de-duplicating archiver edit / delete

Interesting idea -- it's like tar, but aggressively looks for duplicates, so you can do incremental backups into it -- but it seems like it'd be prohibitively inefficient for network backups. I guess what we really need is a "ddrsync".

to archive backup software ... on 25 November 2012

apenwarr's bup at master - GitHub edit / delete

Neat idea: use Git as a backend for an incremental backup system. Has a few minor problems, like no way to prune away old backups...

to backup git scm software ... on 01 October 2010

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