Electrokinetica - Welcome edit / delete

London-based electromechical technology museum: they collect and restore things like generator sets and lifts. I came here via the excellent section on Compton church organs (the British equivalent of Hammond, using interestingly different technology).

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Detailed instructions on oiling various Hammonds, with pictures. This was useful to see what my L-100 was *meant* to look like inside when reassembling it.

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Index of /leslie_kits edit / delete

Manuals for all the Leslie hookup kits, past and present. Most of these have schematics. This was invaluable when connecting my Hammond L-100 (circa 1965) and Leslie 2101 (circa 2005) -- Suzuki T/A Hammond do make a kit for that, and the schematic's here...

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Captain Foldback's Hammond and Leslie Page! edit / delete

Everything you could possibly want to know about Leslie speakers: pinouts, schematics, comprehensive model lists, etc. etc.

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The Hammond and Leslie Specialist Bryan Davenport - menu edit / delete

Hammond maintenance tips -- specifically on oiling.

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Modifying Hammond L100 - Home edit / delete

A nice collection of modifications for the L-100 series. I'm quite tempted to do the in-phase chorus mod on mine...

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Tonewheel Tubeworks edit / delete

German Hammond technician. This has some interesting mods for the T-200 series, which are effectively transistorised versions of the L-100 -- e.g. adding a valve distortion unit based on Russian miniature valves. I also like his tonewheel level calibration software...

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A Revelatory Look into the Organ Registration of 'AWSoP' edit / delete

The drawbar/percussion settings for "A Whiter Shade of Pale".

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Hammond Tonewheel Organs edit / delete

Modifying a Hammond M-100 series spinet organ to behave more like a B-3.

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HammondWiki - Home Page edit / delete

A very comprehensive wiki about playing and maintaining Hammond tonewheel organs. Useful reference even for those of us who're just playing a software simulation...

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