CanLII - 2012 ABQB 571 (CanLII) edit / delete

Highly entertaining legal writeup of a family of vexatious litigation strategies.

to amusements law legal ... on 07 March 2014

Stanford Technology Law Review edit / delete

Some interesting articles (although some that even to my eye are a bit shallow).

to ag0700 law patents software ... on 07 December 2012

Gamer/Law edit / delete

Lots of interesting articles on the legalities of game development.

to ag0700 games law ... on 07 October 2012

Nintendo Company Ltd & Anor v Playables Ltd & Anor [2010] EWHC 1932 (Ch) (28 July 2010) edit / delete

The decision itself. I find it highly entertaining the number of news sites who think the judge's first name was "Justice" -- do they think Barack Obama's first name is "President" too?

to copy-protection copyright gba law ... on 07 October 2011

PLC - High Court upholds Nintendo claim in "modchips" case edit / delete

Summary of the 2010 decision.

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Case Law Hall of Fame - Lowering the Bar edit / delete

Entertaining US court cases.

to amusements law ... on 29 April 2011

NUJ: Response to Gowers Review edit / delete

Why what the papers think might not be what the people who write them think.

to cc copyright free law ... on 02 April 2010

Libre Society edit / delete

An odd (but thought-provoking) approach to free culture: "licenses" that attempt to codify ethical rather than legal guidelines.

to ethics free-software law licensing pd politics ... on 27 May 2007

The UK Patent Office - Copyright - Copyright law edit / delete

This page includes the useful "consolidated version" of the CD&PA, with all the amendments in later acts merged in. Our legal system is an utter nightmare.

to copyright law ... on 21 March 2006

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