HackageDB: stunts-0.1.2 edit / delete

A clone of 4D Stunts Driving. In Haskell. Obviously.

to games haskell obviously stunts ... on 14 August 2011

TwistedSquare / Publications edit / delete

Neil's publications.

to c++ concurrency haskell occam publications ... on 08 May 2010

Things that amuse me edit / delete

Using the high-level LLVM bindings in Haskell to compile a typed language. This is awfully cute, but I'm not sure how you'd handle a language that let the user define their own datatypes -- you'd need a Haskell-type-level representation of source-level datatype names...

to compiler haskell llvm research tock types ... on 16 June 2009

WebHome < HUT < TWiki edit / delete

Some interesting parser/compiler stuff for Haskell.

to compiler grammar haskell parsing research ... on 06 June 2009

teideal glic deisbhéalach » Blog Archive » LLVM bindings for Haskell edit / delete

LLVM bindings for Haskell. This'd be a good way to experiment with native code generation from Tock.

to compiler haskell llvm research tock ... on 07 January 2009

Eliminating Array Bound Checking through Non-dependent types edit / delete

A neat trick: using existentially-qualified (but unspecified) types to track instances of arrays at the type level.

to haskell research static-analysis typechecking ... on 18 August 2008

[Hs-Generics] Data.Generics with GPS (using Maps to avoid getting lost in Data) edit / delete

It appears Claus has been working on SYB+Uniplate too...

to generics haskell programming ... on 01 August 2008

polyparse: alternative parser combinator libraries edit / delete

... which appear to be like Parsec, but with a cut operator rather than a try operator. Worth looking at.

to compilation haskell parsing research ... on 24 June 2008

Blow your mind - HaskellWiki edit / delete

Some mostly opaque and occasionally useful things to do with Haskell.

to functional haskell programming ... on 09 May 2008

Haskell Programming: Miscellanea edit / delete

All sorts of completely insane things to do with Haskell.

to functional haskell programming ... on 09 May 2008

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