Treatise on Font Rasterisation edit / delete

Good overview of what you need to do to get font rendering reasonably correct. The lesson, approximately, is that most of the suite gets it right by default these days.

to fonts graphics rendering text ... on 29 May 2011 edit / delete

Assorted patches for freetype. This would presumably be more useful if I didn't find hinting so unpleasant.

to fonts freetype hinting ... on 21 March 2011

OSP-foundry edit / delete

More free fonts. They're working on a DIN font.

to fonts ... on 07 January 2011

DIN 1451 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia edit / delete

The ubiquitous 20th-century German industrial typeface. (Ignore the FF DIN redrawn version; it's not nearly as nice as the original.)

to fonts german industrial typography ... on 20 November 2010

Typefoundry edit / delete

Impressively well-written blog on the history of typography.

to fonts history printing retrotech typography ... on 14 November 2010

The League of Moveable Type edit / delete

Fonts, some nice.

to fonts ... on 03 April 2010

Unicode Font Guide For Free/Libre Open Source Operating Systems edit / delete

A list of (mostly) free fonts.

to fonts ... on 06 August 2007

Shane Land OpenGEM edit / delete

Open source versions of GEM. I'd like to port their fixed-width fonts at some point.

to fonts gem retrocomputing software ... on 21 January 2006

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