The lost art of 3D rendering without shaders edit / delete

This is a great walkthrough -- wish I'd had this when I was writing similar code about ten years ago!

to 3d graphics rendering teaching ... on 26 February 2017

Bug 28549 – Gamma-corrected alpha blending for text output edit / delete

Patch to Cairo do alpha-blending (more or less) correctly for text. I'm somewhat tempted to use this in GARStow's packages, although it's a bit clunky.

to alpha blending cairo fonts gamma graphics rendering text to-package ... on 13 September 2015

Treatise on Font Rasterisation edit / delete

Good overview of what you need to do to get font rendering reasonably correct. The lesson, approximately, is that most of the suite gets it right by default these days.

to fonts graphics rendering text ... on 29 May 2011

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