Classic Computers (One New Zealander's View) edit / delete

A New Zealand perspective on 80s computing. TRS-80 clones were big, apparently. Lots of interesting stuff here!

to electronics microcomputer restoration retrocomputing trs80 z80 ... on 15 January 2014

Full ZX-81 Chess in 1K edit / delete

The (relatively) famous 1K chess for the ZX81.

to 1k chess retrocomputing z80 zx81 ... on 20 July 2013

Floppy Software edit / delete

Some software for the PCW in Small C, including Minesweeper and SameGame clones.

to amstrad cpm pcw retrocomputing z80 ... on 05 March 2013

Home - edit / delete

Neat little S100 machines.

to cpm retrocomputing s100 z80 ... on 04 March 2013

Kibler Electronics edit / delete

Complete PDFs of The Computer Journal (mostly CP/M related, but with some other stuff too).

to cpm magazine retrocomputing z80 ... on 28 February 2013 edit / delete

Some CP/M software, including various language compilers (among various other retrocomputing stuff).

to atari compiler cpm emulation retrocomputing software z80 ... on 20 February 2013

ZSDOS edit / delete

Source for this CP/M 2.2 clone. (Although I'm not sure if the P112 version, etc., is improved over this -- it may well be.)

to cpm retrocomputing software z80 zsdos ... on 20 February 2013

Z80pack - Z80 Emulator and Crossassembler for UNIX edit / delete

In fact, this is a generic CP/M machine emulator -- and it comes with ready-to-go images for various CP/M and MP/M versions. Very neat.

to cpm emulation retrocomputing software z80 ... on 17 February 2013

Welcome to the Retrocomputing Archive! edit / delete

Various commercial CP/M stuff.

to cpm msdos retrocomputing software z80 ... on 29 January 2013

UZI edit / delete

The original version of UZI for the Z80/Z180.

to retrocomputing uzi z80 ... on 12 March 2012

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