so hey, usb chipsets totally matter | Crime and the Blog of Evil edit / delete

Some comments on the choice of USB chipsets for USB audio: apparently you can get substantially better latency with an OHCI chipset.

to audio latency linux usb ... on 01 September 2016

QuakeWorld by John Carmack edit / delete

Early discussion about QuakeWorld's network protocols.

to ag0907 games latency multiplayer networking quake ... on 03 May 2015

Donald MacKenzie · Be grateful for drizzle: High-Frequency Trading · LRB 11 September 2014 edit / delete

"Lasers are the latest tool for high-frequency trading: the fast, entirely automated trading of large numbers of shares and other financial instruments." A nice layperson's description of an application where latency *really* matters.

to ag0907 latency networking trading ... on 05 March 2015

Source Multiplayer Networking - Valve Developer Community edit / delete

Nice overview of how prediction, interpolation and commands (representations of player actions) work in the Source engine.

to ag0907 games latency networking prediction ... on 11 November 2014

The Tech of Planetary Annihilation: ChronoCam edit / delete

Nice overview of prediction and interpolation techniques in practical use.

to ag0907 games interpolation latency networking prediction recording replay ... on 26 August 2014

Gamasutra - 1500 Archers on a 28.8: Network Programming in Age of Empires and Beyond edit / delete

"This paper explains the design architecture, implementation, and some of the lessons learned creating the multiplayer (networking) code for the Age of Empires 1 & 2 games; and discusses the current and future networking approaches used by Ensemble Studios in its game engines." Circa 2001.

to ag0907 age-of-empires games latency multiplayer networking synchronisation ... on 25 August 2014

Queueing in the Linux Network Stack | Dan Siemon edit / delete

"This article aims to explain where IP packets are queued in the Linux network stack, how interesting new latency reducing features such as BQL operate and how to control buffering for reduced latency."

to ag0907 bufferbloat ip latency linux network queue ... on 14 December 2013

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