Welcome to RETROCMP edit / delete

Detailed PDP-11 restoration, and re-animating a PDP-10 front panel using a BeagleBone.

to dec digital pdp10 pdp11 retrocomputing ... on 14 December 2013

Index of /Robotron/Bausteinuebersicht/K180x edit / delete

Manuals for the Soviet PDP-11 CPUs.

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David G. Conroy edit / delete

The new home of the PDP-10/X, etc.

to dec fpga pdp10 pdp4 pdp8 retrocomputing ... on 08 October 2012

PDP-8 Stuff edit / delete

As it says -- including homebrewed versions of lots of rarer bits of hardware.

to dec pdp8 retrocomputing ... on 30 March 2012

Henk's DIGITAL computer room edit / delete

PDP-11s of various shapes and sizes. Plus how to build an extension to your home for storing computers...

to dec retrocomputing ... on 26 August 2009

You are about to enter www.vaxman.de edit / delete

Beautiful collection of analogue computers (and some largely unphotographed DEC stuff) -- and this is clearly another collector with far too much space on his hands, looking at the size of the some of the machines he's got...

to analogue dec retrocomputing ... on 26 August 2009

Homepage Kees Stravers PB0AIA edit / delete

I don't have too many old computers. This guy has too many old computers.

to dec retrocomputing vax ... on 30 May 2009

Yet another computer museum edit / delete

... with some unusual machines in, like the DAI and the MiniMINC.

to dec retrocomputing ... on 01 March 2009

G1JBG edit / delete

Some old technology stuff. Includes notes on using a computer as a standards converter.

to dec electronics radio retrotech ... on 27 November 2008

Computermuseum der Fakultaet Informatik edit / delete

A decent German computer museum. Now I know lots of completely useless German for things like "high-speed paper tape reader"... This is the museum that has the heavily-modified PDP-11/20 with semiconductor RAM, etc. They also have a very pretty LAB-8...

to calculator dec lgp30 pdp11 pdp8 retrocomputing ... on 24 January 2008

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