Z80pack - Z80 Emulator and Crossassembler for UNIX edit / delete

In fact, this is a generic CP/M machine emulator -- and it comes with ready-to-go images for various CP/M and MP/M versions. Very neat.

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The *HUMONGOUS* CP/M Software Archives edit / delete

Links to and mirrors of all the important CP/M archives. There is an awful lot of software here -- I'm now quite tempted to set up a CP/M machine to have a play...

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Welcome to the Retrocomputing Archive! edit / delete

Various commercial CP/M stuff.

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John Elliott's homepage edit / delete

Various retrocomputing stuff, including a comprehensive section on Jet Set Willy.

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Hal Bower's Home Page edit / delete

Assorted Z80 software, including ZSDOS and UZI.

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DosMan Drivel edit / delete

Tim Paterson's blog. Interesting stuff.

to cpm msdos retrocomputing ... on 12 October 2011

Sprites mods - CP/M on an AVR - Intro edit / delete

As it says. Not very fast, apparently, but that sounds like it'd be worth working on.

to avr cpm emulation retrocomputing z80 ... on 29 September 2011

BDS C: An 8080/Z80 C Compiler edit / delete

Now open source, which is nice. Some day I ought to get CP/M running on one of my homebrew Z80 machines...

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http://www.retrotechnology.com, .net/ edit / delete

Mostly 1970s computing technology. Lots of information. (2013 edit: I've spent far too much time poking around this site now!)

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P112 Support Page edit / delete

Software for the P112 Z80 board -- including versions of CP/M and UZI.

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