Commodore Software Protection Library : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive edit / delete

Various scanned documents relating to Commodore (mostly C64) copy-protection.

to amiga commodore copy-protection floppy retrocomputing ... on 15 January 2013

Magazine | Commodore Is Awesome edit / delete

Scans of many Amiga magazines, in remarkably high quality -- 100MB+ per issue...

to ag0700 amiga commodore etext magazines retrocomputing ... on 09 January 2013

Commodore 16 64K memory upgrade edit / delete

Turning a C16 into a Plus 4 (just without the user port): replace the RAM chips and add the missing address lines. I'm really tempted to do this, given that I have three C16s -- it's the machine I first learned to program on -- and there appears to be an enormous (mostly Hungarian, for some reason) library of Plus 4 software available.

to c16 commodore electronics plus4 retrocomputing ... on 19 October 2012

Computter stuf edit / delete

IDE interfaces for the Amiga and other cool homebrew.

to amiga commodore electronics ide retrocomputing ... on 10 July 2011

DLH's Commodore Archive edit / delete

Scans of lots of Commodore magazines (mostly US, but a few British ones).

to amiga c64 commodore magazine retrocomputing ... on 01 September 2010

IEC-ATA edit / delete

ATA interface that pretends to be a 1541.

to 1541 ata c64 commodore retrocomputing ... on 16 June 2009

Please don't step on the small squishy things on the floor, thanks. edit / delete

An impressive collection of Commodore machines.

to commodore retrocomputing ... on 28 December 2008

Floodgap - Retrobits and edit / delete

Commodore stuff -- including a KIM emulator for the C64 -- Tandy pocket computers, and various other retrocomputing bits.

to 6502 commodore retrocomputing tandy ... on 03 November 2007 edit / delete

The Commodore B series.

to commodore retrocomputing ... on 17 May 2007

The Secret Weapons of Commodore! edit / delete

Rare and prototype Commodore machines.

to commodore retrocomputing ... on 17 May 2007

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