Arduino 1K bootloader edit / delete

As it says -- which gives you a bit more room on the smaller chips, at the expense of some functionality.

to arduino avr software ... on 21 August 2009

Metaboard - Metalab edit / delete

Arduino-ish board that does USB in software. Nifty, although it makes debugging harder since you can't just print stuff to the UART any more...

to arduino avr usb ... on 21 August 2009

mega-isp - Google Code edit / delete

Arduino firmware that emulates an AVR programmer. Useful for Arduino bootstrapping, I would imagine.

to arduino avr microcontroller software ... on 19 July 2009 » MAX6960 LED Display edit / delete

With level-shifting, power supply, and breakout boards for the chips...

to arduino electronics led matrix research ... on 09 July 2009

Arduino - NGAutoReset edit / delete

Modifying the Arduino NG to do the automatic reset thing the 2009 version supports. I plan to do this to all mine, and upgrade them to ATmega328s. (Although the instructions are wrong -- you should actually use the two pads nearest the FT232RL, to get the right line.)

to arduino avr electronics ... on 03 July 2009

Arduino Forum - Touchpad Midi edit / delete

Using an ex-laptop touchpad to build a MIDI controller. I'll keep an eye out for a dead laptop to scavenge one from...

to arduino electronics midi ... on 27 November 2008

Arduino Diecimila / Burning the Bootloader without AVR-Writer edit / delete

Using the FTDI serial chip on (recent?) Arduinos to do JTAG programming.

to arduino embedded ftdi jtag ... on 15 November 2008

Alastair.Parker - Arduino Pong edit / delete

Generating PAL video with an Arduino. More interesting for the hardware (and knowing that it's possible) than the software -- doing Pong as a raster is silly!

to arduino electronics microcontroller video ... on 27 August 2007

todbot blog » Spooky Projects - Introduction to Microcontrollers with Aurdino edit / delete

Doing piezo sensors and MIDI output with an Arduino. I'd like to build a MIDI drum controller like this...

to arduino embedded midi music ... on 31 October 2006

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