Arduino Shield List edit / delete

Lots of manufacturers, with pinouts.

to arduino electronics microcontroller ... on 27 June 2011

Lab3 - Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science edit / delete

Doing audio processing with the Arduino. (Not quite SDR, but...)

to arduino audio avr effects microcontroller ... on 27 February 2011

micropendous - Project Hosting on Google Code edit / delete

Arduino-compatible boards with more sensible AVRs, including lots of RAM and native USB. This is what the Uno ought to have been.

to arduino avr microcontroller plumbing transterpreter ... on 22 December 2010 BEST PRICED Arduino boards, Freeduino, IC PCB adapters, Connectors, Pin Headers. FAST GLOBAL SHIPPING edit / delete

It was actually the SD2IEC board I was looking at, to give my C64s some storage.

to arduino c64 electronics retrocomputing shopping ... on 10 August 2010 - Carl - Picasa Web Albums edit / delete

Carl's cccboard pictures.

to arduino photos ... on 25 April 2010

Arduino 1K bootloader edit / delete

As it says -- which gives you a bit more room on the smaller chips, at the expense of some functionality.

to arduino avr software ... on 21 August 2009

Metaboard - Metalab edit / delete

Arduino-ish board that does USB in software. Nifty, although it makes debugging harder since you can't just print stuff to the UART any more...

to arduino avr usb ... on 21 August 2009

mega-isp - Google Code edit / delete

Arduino firmware that emulates an AVR programmer. Useful for Arduino bootstrapping, I would imagine.

to arduino avr microcontroller software ... on 19 July 2009

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