Songs of the Inland Waterways edit / delete

"This site is aiming to gather together and provide links to songs, old and new, which relate to British and Irish waterways." Including those from the Birmingham ballads.

to boat canal folk history music songs ... on 22 April 2012

Folkstreams ยป The Best of American Folklore Films edit / delete

Large collection of films related to American folk music and culture.

to america folk history music songs tunes ... on 15 April 2012 edit / delete

The collection of songs here is fairly random, but it includes notes from a variety of sources which are really interesting.

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About - Dick Gaughan's Website edit / delete

It's very hard not to like a folk musician who builds their own web sites.

to folk guitar lyrics music songs tunes ... on 09 May 2010 edit / delete

Includes lyrics to Tom Bliss's songs -- I should learn "Silverlode of Sark" and "The Grey Lady" (both excellent songs) at some point. Hm, they have a version of "Waulkin' O' The Fauld"...

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The Gods Alone Know Where edit / delete

The "Viking song" that I've heard done a couple of times now.

to folk music songs ... on 08 April 2010

Anna Thea edit / delete

Third in tonight's setlist...

to folk music songs ... on 07 April 2010

Harry's Blues Lyrics Online, Home Page, US edit / delete

Exactly what it says on the tin. The glossary is fascinating.

to blues history lyrics music songs ... on 06 September 2009

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