Software Preservation Group — Software Preservation Group edit / delete

Some fairly specific archiving projects from CHM -- e.g. as much as they could collect about early Fortran compilers.

to compiler fortran history language-design retrocomputing ... on 13 September 2017

Fortran 90 — Fortran90 1.0 documentation edit / delete

More specifically: Fortran for Python users. (It probably says something about Fortran that the domain name wasn't already taken!)

to fortran numeric programming python ... on 12 August 2013

Summary of Fortran 95 Language edit / delete

Quick reference.

to f95 fortran ... on 18 September 2012

Notes on FORTRAN Programming edit / delete

A bit idiosynchratic, this one, but quite interesting nonetheless.

to fortran ... on 18 September 2012

Numerical Recipes Books On-Line edit / delete

Precisely as it says. The C style is absolutely horrific.

to c fortran maths research ... on 13 March 2005

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