Chicken and Chickpea Curry | Hooked on Heat edit / delete

I find this one interesting mostly for the picture... it sounds nice from the list of ingredients, but I suspect it's probably not quite as dark as it looks!

to chicken chickpea curry indian recipes ... on 22 March 2015

3quarksdaily edit / delete

A generic curry recipe of which I approve.

to curry recipes ... on 20 November 2010

Daal Gosht - Lamb With Lentils edit / delete

Just done this in the pressure cooker -- worked nicely. (I was mostly after a recipe that would give me sensible timings for doing both at once...)

to curry lamb lentils recipes ... on 14 November 2010

Tigers & Strawberries » Bohti Gosht: Delicious Cubes of Meat edit / delete

Dry lamb curry for pressure-cooking. Looks worth a try.

to curry indian lamb recipes to-try ... on 15 November 2009

Gastronomy Domine: Peas keema - keema mattar edit / delete

Another keema mattar recipe. (Although experimentation has suggested that nearly any set of spices works well with this sort of curry...)

to curry indian lamb mince peas recipes ... on 15 November 2009

Curry for a crowd: Four recipes - Telegraph edit / delete

These sound good (particularly the dal), but may need scaling down a bit.

to curry indian recipes to-try ... on 20 June 2009

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