Chicken and Chickpea Curry | Hooked on Heat edit / delete

I find this one interesting mostly for the picture... it sounds nice from the list of ingredients, but I suspect it's probably not quite as dark as it looks!

to chicken chickpea curry indian recipes ... on 22 March 2015

Tigers & Strawberries » Chicken Xacuti edit / delete

Another recipe for xacuti-pronounced-shakooti.

to chicken curry indian recipes to-try ... on 03 June 2009

Tigers & Strawberries » Sinfully Simple: Chicken with Bok Choy and Bacon edit / delete

Stir fry. Bacon. Why hadn't I thought of this before?

to bacon chicken chinese recipes to-try ... on 26 January 2009

Xacutti edit / delete

Pronounced sha-kooti, as anyone who's been to the Ancient Raj will know.

to chicken curry indian recipes to-try ... on 28 December 2008

Chicken with spinach edit / delete

... and this is Anjum Anand's Punjabi chicken saag. Not a million miles away from the one I normally use, but with pureed spinach and a handful of (sour) tomatoes.

to chicken curry indian recipes to-try ... on 28 December 2008

Cooking in Westchester - Food, flavors and suburbia: Saag Chicken on a winter's day edit / delete

A different chicken saag from the Punjabi one I normally do -- looks good! (Also, closer to the Ancient Raj's version...)

to chicken curry indian recipes to-try ... on 22 December 2008

Chicken Sag Recipe edit / delete

The 58FR standard sag recipe. Works nicely with Swiss chard as well, incidentally.

to chicken curry recipes ... on 18 June 2008

Simply Recipes: Arroz Con Pollo Recipe edit / delete

This appears to be the "original" version of the Delia Chicken Basque recipe that I've done several times.

to casserole chicken recipes spanish to-try ... on 19 February 2007

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