Clean Coder Blog edit / delete

Mutation testing: testing your test suite by systematically introducing faults and seeing whether it picks them up. Nice.

to bugs mutation-testing software-engineering testing ... on 28 August 2016

Why Smart Contracts Fail: Undiscovered bugs and what we can do about them – Medium edit / delete

Turns out that if you build a digital cash system where people can write code to specify behaviour, then that code has bugs in it. Who'd have thought it?

to blockchain bugs ethereum security static-analysis ... on 28 August 2016

David A. Wheeler's Personal Home Page edit / delete

Includes several well-written, comprehensive postmortems on noteworthy security bugs (e.g. Heartbleed) -- probably of interest to security students.

to bugs security software ssl ... on 05 March 2015


Fixing a bug in Pac-Man -- but mostly interesting for a detailed explanation of how the display works, and why exactly it looks like that when it crashes.

to ag0700 bugs debugging games pacman ... on 11 July 2013 Friday Q&A 2013-06-28: Anatomy of a Compiler Bug edit / delete

Excellent description of how to track down a Clang code generation bug.

to bugs clang debugging llvm ... on 11 July 2013

Anatomy of a pseudorandom number generator – visualising Cryptocat’s buggy PRNG | Naked Security edit / delete

Another example of why writing your own crypto code probably isn't a good idea.

to bugs cryptography programming ... on 11 July 2013

Diablo III Economy Broken by an Integer Overflow Bug - minimaxir | Max Woolf's Internet Blog Thingy edit / delete

Or: why not to store money values -- even fake ones -- in integers.

to ag0700 bugs integer overflow ... on 10 May 2013

The Infocom Bugs List edit / delete

Watch what you're doing with your hands. No, seriously; it's possible to lose them in several Infocom games...

to amusements bugs games if ... on 01 February 2013

Roundup Issue Tracker edit / delete

Probably worth looking at for rawdog et al.

to bugs issue-tracking software ... on 21 January 2009

What Happened on Mars? edit / delete

Priority inversion problems on Pathfinder.

to bugs concurrency research ... on 26 December 2005

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