Moonstick Co. - manual visual calculators for astronomy, timekeeping, and computation edit / delete

Makers of a range of slide rules and related devices, with copious explanation. Neat!

to astronomy maths mechanica slide-rule ... on 29 June 2015 edit / delete

Free software that identifies the location of arbitrary photographs of starfields. They're running it automatically against Flickr photos now. This is really very neat -- and there's some Real CS underneath it too.

to astronomy graphics software ... on 07 November 2008

The Astronomy Corner: Astronomical Games edit / delete

Accessible short articles on astronomical subjects. I particularly like the one on finding your way home from the centre of the galaxy.

to amusements astronomy ... on 03 January 2007

The C.L.I.V.E. Project edit / delete

Point a laser at Iridium flashes automatically.

to astronomy electronics embedded satellite ... on 14 May 2006

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