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A library (and tools) for accessing a MythTV backend. Looks handy for scripting, and gmyth-cat should be a bit more robust than my livetv script.

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Caliban - Opinion and Righteous Anger: Christmas specials edit / delete

A neat MythTV trick: write a custom rule that will match any other rule plus "Special" or "Christmas".

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Eric's MediaMVP Linux Project Page edit / delete

Python code to talk the MythTV protocol. I've hacked this to work with the latest MythTV and to play live TV to stdout, so you can watch live TV with MPlayer.

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MythTv with DVB: Multiple PID support ? | MythTV | Dev edit / delete

(Old) patch for MythTV to record multiple streams from a single multiplex.

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MythTV keyboard reference edit / delete

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Program to read EPG information from a DVB multiplex.

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DVB Box edit / delete

Channel icons, Xtraview support, and a script for automatically adding channels.

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MythTV Setup edit / delete

Handy guide to getting DVB-T going with MythTV in the UK.

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