vtuner - access DVB devices over the network - Google Project Hosting edit / delete

Linux DVB loopback device and network proxy.

to dvb linux software tv ... on 12 October 2011

Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-S-Plus - LinuxTVWiki edit / delete

The satellite card I've got. The patch from the kernel bug report is required for it to work for me.

to dvb linux satellite tv ... on 11 April 2011

Satscan: The Satellite Transponder Scanner edit / delete

A pretty neat site along the lines of Lyngsat, but updated in real time, with photos of how the setup works. The 4-LNB dish is pretty neat!

to dvb satellite tv ... on 25 November 2006

Joshyfun's Poor Man's CAM home edit / delete

A software DVB CAM implementation, with source code (in Pascal!).

to dvb software ... on 16 June 2006

Freeview & Top Up TV Channel Line-up edit / delete

With the handy what's-on-which-multiplex reference.

to dvb tv ... on 29 May 2006

darkskiez.co.uk - tv_grab_dvb edit / delete

Program to read EPG information from a DVB multiplex.

to dvb epg mythtv software ... on 02 December 2005

DVB Box edit / delete

Channel icons, Xtraview support, and a script for automatically adding channels.

to dvb mythtv software ... on 02 December 2005

MythTV Setup edit / delete

Handy guide to getting DVB-T going with MythTV in the UK.

to dvb mythtv software tv ... on 01 December 2005

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