Alton Brown's The Chewy Recipe edit / delete

Extremely serious chocolate chip cookies.

to biscuit chocolate cookie recipes to-try ... on 21 June 2020

Toll House Cookies: A Secret History edit / delete

The recipe at the end of this works well, but I needed to reduce the suggested time considerably for my fan-assisted gas oven -- 11 minutes produces appropriately chewy cookies -- and the quantities given make about a dozen large cookies (not 20!).

to american baking biscuit chocolate cookie recipes ... on 14 December 2014

Brownie in a Mug Recipe | Simply Recipes edit / delete

This works. About 2:40 for an 800W oven.

to brownies chocolate recipes ... on 04 August 2013

Gastronomy Domine: Chilli choc chip cookies edit / delete

And now I'm all hungry. Mmph.

to biscuit chili chocolate cookie recipes to-try ... on 06 August 2009

Chocolate from Beans to Bars edit / delete

How to make chocolate. *Dude*.

to chocolate recipes ... on 28 April 2008

Love and Cooking: IMBB #19: Having my (Vegan) Cake edit / delete

Mmmm, chocolate cake.

to cake chocolate recipes ... on 23 October 2005

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