Cincinnati Chili Recipe, How To Make Cincinnati Chili, Cincinnati Chili History, Hamburger Recipes edit / delete

Cooked this this evening. Doubling this recipe made about five portions. It's interestingly different from the usual chili con carne I do, but I'd like more vegetables in the sauce...

to america beef chili cincinnati recipes ... on 04 May 2014

Jolt Country» Blog Archive » Ben’s Famous New Mexican Pork Red Chile edit / delete

That's a pretty simple chili recipe. Wonder where I could get New Mexican dried chili from in the UK?

to chili pork recipes ... on 25 March 2014

Gastronomy Domine: Chilli choc chip cookies edit / delete

And now I'm all hungry. Mmph.

to biscuit chili chocolate cookie recipes to-try ... on 06 August 2009

Tigers & Strawberries » When Your Chili Doesn’t Have To Be Red: Pork and White Bean Chili edit / delete

Must try this at some point -- I've sort of approximated it in the past.

to chili pork recipes to-try ... on 10 March 2009

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