waf - Project Hosting on Google Code edit / delete

An automake replacement that actually appears to work sanely. This is basically SCons done right.

to build make python software ... on 28 August 2009

Icecream - openSUSE edit / delete

Like distcc, but allows the toolchain to be distributed around, so you don't need to have all your machines the same. This might be a good use for the TUNA cluster, if we can get KRoC to build using it...

to build distributed software to-package ... on 06 June 2009

Remake - GNU Make with comprehensible tracing and a debugger edit / delete

Just what it says. How odd.

to build debugging software ... on 26 December 2005

iCompile Homepage edit / delete

Automatic code compiler -- something that had been talked about on Gale in the past.

to build compiler make research software ... on 03 December 2005

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