Simon Farnsworth's Thoughts: On PPPoA, PPPoE, ATM and ADSL edit / delete

Excellent explanation of how ADSL works, in terms of where packet overhead gets added.

to adsl atm broadband networking ppp pppoa pppoe ... on 08 August 2013

ADSL Checker edit / delete

BT Wholesale's line lookup -- this'll tell you what exchange and cabinet you're on. (Sadly no FTTC for me, yet...)

to adsl broadband bt networking phone telecoms ... on 07 August 2013

Vigor Router FAQ - Vigor 2800 (ISP and INP2) edit / delete

(Older?) Draytek routers and Be broadband's funny setup: an explanation of why it might not work quite the way you expect.

to adsl draytek ... on 23 May 2009

::. Kitz - ADSL Information .:: edit / delete

Some technical information about ADSL.

to adsl networking telecom ... on 04 August 2008

OpenBSD/Bridging ADSL/Wireless HOWTO edit / delete

More usefully: configuring a Conexant bargain-basement router to act as a PPPoE/PPPoA bridge, which is what we want to do.

to adsl ... on 13 February 2005

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