HOWTO: using gprof with multithreaded applications edit / delete

Shim to set up gprof's timers correctly across multiple threads.

to concurrency gprof profiling pthreads threads ... on 15 April 2013

Programming with Threads: Questions Frequently Asked by C and C++ Programmers edit / delete

A good (if slightly futuristic) guide to the safe use of shared memory in C++0x.

to atomics c++ concurrency memory-models threads ... on 18 August 2010

State Threads Library edit / delete

occam-style threads library for C.

to concurrency software threads ... on 29 April 2006

Protothreads: lightweight, stackless threads in C edit / delete

A pure-C lightweight threads library.

to c concurrency research software threads ... on 06 October 2005

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