XT/AT/PS2/Terminal to USB Converter with NKRO edit / delete

"This is my Teensy-based project which adapts XT, AT and some 122 key terminal keyboards to USB"

to avr keyboard microcontroller ps2 teensy usb ... on 21 June 2016

Teensy Z80 – Part 1 – Intro, Memory, Serial I/O and Display | "Domipheus Labs" edit / delete

Building a Z80 computer where everything except the Z80 is in a modern microcontroller. Cute! (If not terribly high-performance.)

to avr electronics homebrew microcontroller teensy z80 ... on 18 January 2015

hudson / prom / overview — Bitbucket edit / delete

Code to read EPROMs using a Teensy and an appropriately sized ZIF socket. I have both bits sitting around somewhere...

to avr eprom microcontroller software teensy ... on 21 August 2012

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