Mike Keith's Home Page edit / delete

Various nifty forms of constrained writing, including the rather splendid "Cadaeic Cadenza".

to amusements constrained literary maths oulipo ... on 08 June 2008

Vademe.cum - Mail Books edit / delete

A selection of constrained writings, including a lipogrammatic review of "A Void".

to amusements constraints oulipo writing ... on 13 November 2005

Attempts: The New Edition of the Oulipo Compendium is Out edit / delete

With lots of interesting links to Oulipo-related stuff.

to amusements constraints oulipo writing ... on 12 November 2005

MadInkBeard - Constraint edit / delete

A blog on writing with language constraints.

to constraints oulipo writing ... on 19 June 2005

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