- Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance edit / delete

Using DNS records to specify how SPF and DKIM should be applied to your domain -- you can set up a magic record and people receiving email will send you reports, which is kind of neat. On the downside, this doesn't solve the killer problems with SPF/DKIM (breaking legitimate forwarding and mailing lists)...

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Home ยท karelzak/mutt-kz Wiki edit / delete

Mutt integration for notmuch. I'd consider this really cool except that notmuch apparently can't cope with the amount of mail I have in my archive (at least, I've never been able to get the indexer to make a significant dent in it).

to mail mutt notmuch software ... on 25 November 2012

Are you looking for something ? edit / delete

Lots of information on mail and DNS, among other things (written in a decent approximation of Dan Bernstein's forthright style). This is the site with the handy reference to different mbox formats.

to dns email mail mbox ... on 04 February 2009

PowerMail manual edit / delete

Mail "toaster" software by the PowerDNS authors. It's a pretty neat design; no fancy per-domain routing, everything's done by matching addresses.

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Index of /eximconf edit / delete

David Woodhouse's slightly scary Exim config. Possibly useful for cribbing examples of how to do completely insane things using Exim rules from.

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Infotrope Polymer edit / delete

Interesting-looking IMAP client.

to mail software ... on 27 July 2005

MuttWiki: ExtendedMaildirFormat edit / delete

Documentation on Maildir folders from the Mutt wiki.

to mail ... on 10 April 2005

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