NwAvGuy: Behringer DAC Modifications edit / delete

Replacing the headphone output op-amp on a UCA202.

to audio behringer electronics headphone uca202 ... on 03 May 2012

AMB Laboratories DIY Audio Site edit / delete

Various audio projects (same people as the Mini3). The M3 looks particularly interesting.

to audio electronics headphone ... on 15 July 2007

HeadWize: DIY Workshop > MiniĀ³ v2: A portable headphone amplifier edit / delete

A fairly serious opamp-based headphone amp. This might make a good project for my desk...

to audio electronics headphone ... on 15 July 2007

Head Fidelity Headphone Hi-Fi, Audio, Portable Audio edit / delete

The headphone review site whose URL I can never remember.

to audio headphone ... on 09 July 2005

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