Soldering Tip Tinning with Sal Ammoniac | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories edit / delete

Hm. My dad's old Weller iron could probably use a clean by now...

to chemistry electronics soldering ... on 13 March 2015

Etching with Air Regenerated Acid Cupric Chloride edit / delete

Making and using reusable PCB etching solution. Neat.

to chemistry electronics etching pcb ... on 12 September 2011

Welcome to Sciencemadness Dot Org edit / delete

The library being the most interesting bit.

to amusements chemistry science ... on 03 June 2010

Chemical Etchants - Open Circuits edit / delete

Cupric chloride, eh? Amazing what modern technology can do.

to chemistry electronics pcb ... on 15 November 2009

[0902.0587] Implementation of Glider Guns in the Light-Sensitive Belousov-Zhabotinsky Medium edit / delete

It appears to work, too -- and there's some discussion of how to do computation with glider streams. Neat.

to ca chemistry research ... on 07 February 2009

The Wooden Periodic Table Table edit / delete

With detailed articles on each element and its uses. Very cool stuff.

to amusements chemistry ... on 13 August 2006

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