Vintage Technics, Tube stereo cassette player edit / delete

Building a new audio board for a Walkman clone using subminiature valves. Very cute and very silly.

to audio cassette electronics retrotech tape valve ... on 24 October 2018

Vintage Cassettes edit / delete

"Here you will find the beatiful pictures of sealed compact casettes. Cassettes from 1970-1990 are covered the most." Pretty comprehensive -- but unfortunately the "sealed" thing makes it not very useful for dating a cassette...

to cassette recording retrotech tape ... on 12 April 2016

Endino's Cassette Transfer How-To edit / delete

Advice on adjusting azimuth if you don't have a calibration tape (or if you're trying to adjust to match an uncalibrated machine).

to archiving audio azimuth cassette tape ... on 22 August 2014

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