Hybrid Music System edit / delete

Software (including ROM images) for the Music 500/5000.

to acorn bbc music music500 retrocomputing software ... on 20 November 2009

MDFS::System.ROMs edit / delete

A variety of useful BBC ROMs.

to acorn bbc retrocomputing rom software ... on 16 July 2009

speleotrove.com edit / delete

Mike Cowlishaw -- the guy behind Rexx, various decimal arithmetic stuff, and some early Acorn notes.

to acorn fp language-design maths retrocomputing rexx ... on 21 June 2009

eBay Seller: ctorwy31: Computing items on eBay.co.uk edit / delete

Has newly-manufactured podules for sale -- neat!

to acorn archimedes podule retrocomputing ... on 16 June 2009

Econet enthusiasts index edit / delete

Lots of technical detail.

to acorn bbc econet retrocomputing ... on 06 June 2009

BeebControl homepage edit / delete

Robot arms, industrial control boxes, etc. for the BBC Micro. I also like his Master-in-a-B-case.

to acorn bbc control electronics retrocomputing robotics ... on 01 May 2009

RetroBBC - ROM Archive edit / delete

BBC and Archimedes ROMs.

to acorn retrocomputing ... on 01 August 2006

Theo Markettos' Web Site edit / delete

Lots of Archimedes information.

to acorn electronics retrocomputing ... on 01 August 2006

RISC OS News, Software and Information edit / delete

Tech reference manuals for Archimedes machines.

to acorn retrocomputing ... on 01 August 2006

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